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Slovenian Trekking League

Competitions in hiking and trail running across hills and mountains in Slovenia.

Participants are competing on unmarked trekking trail, using endurance and orienteering skills to visit all check points. Parallel to competition main goals include exploring new places, socialising with similar persons and promoting healthy life style.

Why to participate

For beginners, intermediate and advance hikers

Multiple events in season 

Experience pure nature

Meet outdoor friends

Explore new destination

Family orientated short tracks, suitable for children

International cooperation

Categories and distances


For beginners getting into trekking competitions. Max length 10 km, suitable also for children.


You are outdoor person and would like to experience up to 20 km track.


If you want to push your limits. Up to 40 km with quite some vertical ascent, and still enjoyment warranty included.

Mandatory equipment

1. Kompas / 2. Zemljevid / 3. Čelna svetilka / 4. Astrofolija / 5. Prva pomoč / 6. Mobilni telefon / 7. Piščalka / 8. Kontrolni kartonček (priskrbi organizator) / 9.Opis trase (priskrbi organizator) / 10. Osebni dokument


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